Emergence: Through the Sirian Corridor + Lion’s Gate 2021

Get Your Galactic Groove On!

The time has come for us to combine our stellar energies in an intentional way to build the resonance required to complete this Shift.

Two Ambassadors of the Star Realms, Galactic Ashley and Mari Beckman come together to facilitate light-encoded energy transmission, encoded activations, and DNA Upgrades.

Emergence Through the Sirian Corridor + Lion’s Gate 2021

Part I: Activation + Energy Transference Guided Meditation Experience

You will be able to enter into the Sirian Corridor, connect to, and align with the Lion’s Gate Energy, open to receive light encoded energy transmission, encoded activations, and DNA Upgrades.

Part 2: Channeled Messages with Galactic Ashley + Mari Beckman

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive Divine Guidance for the group.

For thousands of years, humanity has had access to these downloads from the star Sirius. We are coming together exactly one month before this yearly portal reaches its peak on 08/08/2021 this year.

We want to recognize the frequency of the Divinely guided word choice, selected for our event title. While the focus of this event is centered on the Sirian (Star and Lion Beings) energetics available to us. It is necessary to acknowledge that there IS in our material plane a Syrian (Peace) Corridor. On August 7, 2019, Turkey said it reached a framework deal with the United States, that would prevent a unilateral Turkish invasion of northern Syria. The initial first steps reportedly included the creation of a ‘joint operations center’, which would coordinate the establishment of a “peace corridor” in the areas between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Northern Syria, totaling 115 km of the border between the two countries.

Euphrates is Ancient Greek for “I announce and declare.” Together with the Tigris–Greek for Tiger– it is one of the two defining rivers of Mesopotamia (the “Land Between the Rivers”).

It is beneficial to remember that we are surrounded by reflections of the cosmic realms. Within these reflections are messages always guiding us towards Divine Revelation. The Sirians, our brethren from the Stars are here with messages of how to work with polarizing energies through unification processes so that we may discover peace and sovereignty within ourselves, first. And then through our emergence–our crystallized wholeness– we are able to extend this sovereignty to the God Source that is within all of us.

The formation of complex symmetrical and fractal patterns in snowflakes exemplifies emergence in a physical system. We are seeking to remember, to become members of the whole. The Lions Gate will support us in this process. Where are you still holding onto pain? Where are you experiencing duality within your life? Where would you like to experience more peace?

Enter into the Sirian Corridor with us, heal and clear your pain body, open to experience unconditional love and forgiveness. Receive messages from your Divine Guidance so that you can align with conscious intention to best open to the peak energies coming to us through the Lions Gate.

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I am a direct channel of spirit and my higher self. During a session, I tap into your energetic body and work with your higher self and your angels, guides and divine beings to clear energetic blockages, adjust posture, assess pain and life issues past and present. I am able to contact souls on the other side and review past lives.
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I channel Divine Guidance for Starseeds connecting them to their Star Families and Galactic Lineages. I use Light Language frequencies and work with your Cosmic Connections to facilitate high-frequency healing transmissions and encoded activations.

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Jul 08 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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