Crystal Skull Council: Expanding Clairaudience + Development Circle

Crystal Skulls + Crystals Highly Recommended But Not Required!

There will be Light Language, Channeling, Activations, and a lot of high vibrational Crystal Skull JOY.

Join us for a NEW EVENT SERIES:
Expanding Spiritual / Psychic Abilities + Development Circle.

Each 2 – hour event offers a variety of different Metaphysical Areas of Exploration with supportive Light Language transmissions and activations for you and your Crystal Skull. This is followed by a Development Circle to practice and explore your abilities in a safe and welcoming environment.

In APRIL, join me, Galactic Ashley, and the Crystal Skull Council for:
Expanding Clairaudience + Development Circle

Crystal Skulls witness, store, amplify, attune, reflect, transduce, and transmit vibrational energies (and information). They play a central role in creating a living communication interlinkage. 
They are ready to communicate with us, let’s listen and develop our Clairaudinece with them!

Open, expand, and enhance your innate spiritual and intuitive abilities with an increasingly powerful supportive crystalline energy field naturally provided by our beloved Crystal Skulls.

This is an open development circle for heart-centered souls seeking to further their spiritual growth in a sacred and rewarding group environment enhanced by Crystal Skulls as powerful support systems for our evolutionary progress.

Evening Schedule
Part I: Metaphysical Area of Exploration
[ ~ 45 – 60 min ]

+ Discussion of Topic
+ Channeled and Guided Experience with Light Language transmissions and activations
++ Activations to open and further expand your psychic abilities as they relate to the chosen theme for exploration.
++ Activations for you and your Crystal Skull (or crystal) to deepen your relationship, strengthen your connection, and more easily connect with Gaia’s Crystalline Energy Fields, which includes the Crystal Skull Field and Crystal Field.
+ Opportunity to ask questions

Part II: Psychic and Spiritual Development Circle
[ ~ 60 min]

+ Supplemental exercises, techniques, and tools for you to experiment with and explore.
+ Opportunity for one on one practice in Zoom breakout rooms

Let’s bring our Crystal Skulls together to spread the Love!
Receive Divine Guidance + Healing Activations!
*Crystal Skulls or Crystals are NOT Required BUT highly beneficial*


I am Galactic Ashley, I work with the Crystal Skull Council, we transmit downloads, activations, attunements, and healing frequencies.

The Crystal Skull Council are Galactic Beings embodied in crystal form, in union, we provide Divine Guidance for Skull Guardians and humans alike, so that they may attune to and form deeper connections with the Crystalline and Crystal Skull consciousness fields as a path towards feeling heart-centered, empowered and raising their vibration to more easily be present in the shift of consciousness. Participants gain esoteric wisdom and feel lifted and enlightened.

The event is finished.


Apr 11 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Crystal Skull Council


Crystal Skull Council