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EDIT: My Dragon Families/Lineages help me to facilitate constant contact with my Galactic Family because my Star Family is from another Universe. They make Galactic connections easy and more stable, especially when it comes to reading others. [I misspoke in the intro. Everyone is up in arms over that one–BIG TIME!!! We are celebrating imperfection here and I am putting the edit right here, rather than redoing the video ;o)


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The most ancient traditions about dragons are brought forth through the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonia and Egyptian mythologies of the first three millennia BCE. The Babylonian Creation Myth, the Enuma Elish (ca. 1,500 BC) which was recited for a thousand years at the time of the spring equinox, when the forces of cosmic order were believed to battle with and triumph over the forces of chaos. In this myth, the god Marduk killed the mother goddess Tiamat, portrayed as a dragon. Splitting her body in half, he created heaven from one half and earth from the other, and then created humanity from the blood of Tiamat’s murdered son. (01) In these contexts dragons represent forces or elements that interfere with the correct order or functioning of the world, often portrayed as monsters to be slain and overcome with masculine force and “true” power, usually by gods, demi-gods, saints or culture heroes, extending its influence as far as the later Greek myth of Apollo killing the she-dragon at Delphi, and later icons as in the popular legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

Serpents and dragons are used throughout histories interchangeably being the primeval representation for life force, fertility, and are often tied to the goddess. For example, the venom of the serpent is thought to have a fiery quality similar to a fire breathing dragon. The serpent dragon emerges as a symbol of evil power and chaos from the underworld across our collective histories, the Book of Revelation makes use of the ancient serpent and the Dragon several times to identify Satan or the devil (Rev 12:9; 20:2). The Homeric Hymns, a collection of thirty-three anonymous Ancient Greek hymns celebrating individual gods, illustrate the masculine fear of feminine power, which is truly the masculine fear of acknowledging their internal feminine power by describing the serpentess as “the bloated, great she-dragon, a fierce monster wont to do great mischief to men upon earth, to men themselves and to their thin-shanked sheep; for she was a very bloody plague,” and says that “whosoever met the dragoness, the day of doom would sweep him away”. (02) Polarizing mythologies continued to project that man became associated with Spirit, and with order and light, and woman with Nature, chaos, and darkness.

The ancient symbol of the goddess was being reconfigured further to conform with a shift towards patriarchal religions. The Hebrew word נָחָשׁ ––Nachash––is used to identify the serpent that appears to Eve in the Garden of Eden, convincing her that if she eats the fruit of the tree “then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:5) This is a rendering of our collective illusion wrapped in the myth of the fall that retells the moment where we lost conscious communion with the Divine Feminine and Masculine and believed ourselves to be separate from our Divine Source. This radical shift of consciousness placed an emphasis on guilt, sin, and suffering led to pathological symptoms of anxiety and the desire for power and security resulting from a profound experience of dissociation, separation, and loss, psychic splitting — symptoms similar to those a child exhibits when it has lost its mother.

The myth of the fall imprinted on the human psyche

The Myth of the Fall of Atlantis, The Dark Ages, and/or the Garden of Eden, became the foundational imprints upon the human psyche, embodied in our cellular and collective memory through cultural structures, which can be defined as:

the total body of tradition borne by a society and transmitted from generation to generation. It thus refers to the norms, values, and standards by which people act, and it includes the ways distinctive in each society of ordering the world and rendering it intelligible. Culture is a set of mechanisms for survival, but it provides us also with a definition of reality. It is the matrix into which we are born; it is the anvil upon which our persons and destinies are forged (03).

Through the continuum of a bipolar cultural expression, with each passing millennium of generational dissociative experiences, we continue our subservience to the karmic wheel, beholden to the demigods as the nexus of our illusion, we are deeply lost in the darkness of our collective unconscious.

This bears repeating: we are deeply lost in the darkness of our collective unconscious.
The next question worth asking is: How do we recognize the illusion? And then free ourselves from the illusion.

the fear imprint: dna and body consciousness

There are many Dragon Energies present within our Universe as well as many Elemental, Multi-Galactic, Hybrid Dragon forms represented here on Earth in this linear time. They are present in ways that they have never (in recent history) been present before. Unfortunately, the Dragon Collectives are often perceived as a fearful entity or being, reflected by the chosen threads of consternation and chaos, woven into the mythological tapestries of our collective ancient histories.

Additionally, recent studies of the amygdala, a small brain region that handles fear response, have shown that the human brain reacts to seeing a snake even before it has cognitively processed the image — i.e., we can be scared of a snake before we know it’s there. Several studies have also shown that we express an innate fear of snakes, prior to ever being exposed to them. Meaning that through epigenetic markers, our DNA has inherited imprints that have evolved as a tendency to associate snakes – or certain snake features such as the slithering motion (04) with fear. Not only are our Psyches bearing the imprints of collective traumas associated with the Dragon/Serpent energies but so too is our DNA.

Beyond science–– snakes, flying serpents, and fiery dragons have been transmitted through generations and embedded into our collective memory body from the ancient ones––our ancestors––through the performance of ancient rituals, religions, creation stories, and ceremony across generation. Whether or not they are depicted as dark or light, what the Dragon/Serpent has come to represent is the dual expression of good and evil as well as the loss of conscious communion with the Divine Feminine and Masculine

reptilian consciousness is not within the dragon dna

To further complicate any unresolved resistance we may have to working with Dragon Energy there is a fear-based misconception that Dragons are connected to the Reptilian Collective and/or the Reptilian Consciousness. However, these Reptilian Energies are not within the Dragon DNA and Lineages. It is important, though, to understand that this was done by design, so that by creating and perpetuating multiple distortion fields within our collective perception, we give over our ability to see with clarity, and become fearful of the beloved. As we experience the distorted lens of duality we not only deny our connection to the beloved for it is perceived as separate from and existing outside of ourselves, but through a lack of recognition, we also deny the beloved within ourselves.

Through the manipulation of pre-existing fears that are deeply embedded in our collective/singular subconscious and specialized neuromodulatory systems, without complete conscious awareness, we are susceptible to being heavily influenced or controlled by non-beneficial energies that desire to keep us bound to the illusion of the old grid or the false matrix that which is based in material, physical, mental or reptilian energy. It promotes singularity, service to self, and has been segmented from the universal time grid, a web of consciousness that connects all planets and star systems in the universe. Because of the perceived similarities in Reptilian and Dragon energies as expressed in form, many choose to close themselves off from connecting to one of our greatest guides and way-showers especially in relation to transmutation. The new grid system evolved as the human consciousness and the planet have raised its vibration. It activates universal support, ancient timelines, and future expansion. It is through this grid that our beloved Dragons have chosen to begin surfacing in our consciousness field, again.

opening the dragon soul-ar heart

The increasing dissociation between the conscious mind and the realm of what Jung called our primordial soul gave rise to the multiple fragmentations and projections that are at the root of what we have been choosing to face (or choosing not to face) during 2020. As a human collective, we find ourselves in a pivotally volatile and uncertain moment of a great paradigm shift––the alchemizing of individual, interpersonal, organizational, societal, and cultural systems and constructs.

Stored within our cellular memory are all conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviors. It is here, where the slumbering Dragons lie. Our Dragon Lineages have begun to wake, and emerge, surfacing in our psyche as the symbols of elements, forces, or principles present, or active, in the cosmic (or precosmic) world. They are expressing, healing and wisdom wrapped in mythical language, aspects of the natural setting of our global societies, and the dangerous or positive qualities of those aspects. As they possess a more complex value on the cosmic level, being forces of stability or of disorder, they are here to assist their soul-kin and open-hearted seekers to assist us in transmuting duality.

Ultimately, we have consumed the delusion of separation, our collective experience is saturated with traumatized communities that are vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation by leaders with psychopathic tendencies. Societal fragmentation has created dangerous situations globally. Epidemic collective violence is highly contagious; collective splitting generates enormous levels of raw emotional energy. As we have witnessed it can lead, to uncontrollable chain reactions. Collective splitting has surfaced in our consciousness between mind and heart, masculine and feminine, body and spirit, us and them, conscious and unconscious. Everything we manifest with this consciousness is imprinted with duality, which only perpetuates that which we are trying to free ourselves.

In relation to the inner world of the psyche, this battlefield of polarities reflects the struggle for Sovereignty, as it emerged from the immense power of the fragmented matrix of nature and instinct. These have split Nature from Spirit and mind from soul and led to the idea of our dominance of Nature rather than to a caring relationship with it.

The ego’s great fear was of being swallowed by the jaws of the dragon, falling back into unconsciousness. Because of this struggle, the ego and the developing conscious mind – identified with the masculine – became increasingly split off from the feminine matrix out of which it had evolved. It felt it had to ascend to the sun — away from nature; away from the Great Mother; away from the jaws of the dragon.

Through the splitting of the Divine Feminine and Masculine we have suffered a catastrophic loss of soul, a loss of the ancient awareness of the sacred interweaving of all aspects of life, a loss of the sense of participation in the life of nature and the invisible life of the Cosmos, a loss of connection to spirit.


Carol Jung’s vision into the nature of the shadow is that “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”(04) Making the darkness conscious requires us to be compassionate observers, choosing to walk courageously into the unknown parts of ourselves. The shadow aspect is reflected in the archaic image of the dragon – an archetypal image of blind, unconscious instinct bursting through the fragile layer of our sense of self civilization, destroying and devouring everything in its path. The archetypal shadow aspect of the dragon is an image of the unrecognized predatory aspect of our own nature that can take us over when we abandon the ethical values which respect and serve life. (05) Each of us contains aspects of the undeveloped light/developing light (aka darkness). We must be fearless in its discovery. If we desire to transmute aspects of ourselves that no longer align with our truth, we are participating in Soul Alchemy.

Jung further observes:

The alchemical operations were real, only this reality was not physical but psychological. Alchemy represents the projection of a drama both cosmic and spiritual in laboratory terms. The opus magnum “great work” had two aims: the rescue of the human soul, and the salvation of the cosmos.

Within the context of Alchemy, the dragon mythologies have played a central role having woven themselves eloquently throughout. For alchemists, the object is to “rest in the arms of the dragon,” meaning we must not only face the dragon (our inner darkness) but, merge with it. As the original chaos, the Black Dragon has to be confronted. Once your fears putrefy, you then absorb the chaos inside you. Now, unleashing the dragon, you allow it to purify you until the dragon disappears. When that happens, the dragon has merged with you, transforming both of you into one perfected being.

You and the Dragon are One. To repeat the ever-present phrase that channels through me:
As I heal, you heal. As you heal, I heal. For I am you, and you are me, and we are One

As we go through Soul Alchemical processes, discover our inner dragon, we access our Dragon-Self, our ally, and work together as One further uncovering our undeveloped light and develop it consciously. Transmutation is when the survival instincts of the unconscious will have been transmuted into qualities. There is a purpose of connecting with our Dragon Lineages.

Dragons are able to come into physical form through Earth Stargate Portals and manifest in “Elemental Form.” Dragons are holding different elemental properties of the Earth and manifests in a vibrational form that is channeling Gaia. Sometimes, for example, the fire held within the Dragon is perceived as evil, when that fire energy is actually the way in which that Dragon is channeling Elemental Earth in order to support an aspect of Human Consciousness. Similarly, Dragons that hold water as their primary Elemental form, are aligning with Gaia’s water bodies and other energies that work win these realms such as the Cetacean Collectives.

We can’t free the world when our spirit, mind, and body are in chains woven by our own delusions. What happens at the scale of the microcosm of the individual extends to the scale of the macrocosm of society. We can perhaps realize that the battle is not so much with enemies in the world as with these primordial habits that cause us to regress into unconsciousness and repeat the behavior patterns of the past.

Our physical bodies carry cosmic elements that have come from the stars. We are the living embodiment of spirit, in elemental form. Dragons are able to hold all elements that make up the planet they have shapeshifted into form on. Meaning, they have a heightened understanding of what it means to be both cosmic and of the earth, they are here at this time specifically to assist us as we transmute our physical structure into a less dense structure as we align with the ascension of the New Earth.

When properly grounded into the experience of life itself, acceptance of the de(con)struction of the old paradigm is the precondition for moving into a new life, a new way of working, playing, and being that is attuned to life, the earth, and the cosmos; it is the precondition for finding the power to begin co-creating new paradigms. As we move through varying processes of dissolution, integration, and unification. We are presented with the opportunity of unity where, the feminine & masculine merge as one, opening opportunities to unify duality within ourselves, and expand our awareness to greater dimensional/light octave levels.

The Dragons are here. They are present, available, and willing. They will come from the center of your Hearts Stargate, all we must do is ask. We must ask in order to receive it. Free will is honored and respected. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. We Love you. We Love You. We Love You.