WEEK 01 2021 – OPENING CEREMONY – Group 2

This Galactic Intensive is highly experiential and requires an amount of openness and vulnerability that may at first be WILDLY uncomfortable. But, often we must move through these discomforts in order to allow our Soul to expand, to open more fully to the healing process that will inevitably unfold, in order to allow ourselves to experience beyond what we thought was possible. Fortunately, you’ll have a support team, made of me, Mahana, and other Group Members that are moving through self-discoveries, remembering how to uniquely channel, and integrating energies along with you! We are in this together. You are not alone.

That being said, there is nothing that you need to DO right now in order to prepare for the course. Nothing to read or know ahead of time. TRUST that you are already prepared or you wouldn’t be here. I understand that this may be difficult for some of you. And that is ok! This course is non-linear, it is designed around the group (which includes the individual) needs as they arise. I realize that I am asking you for a massive amount of trust.

Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 have been designed with two main intentions/objectives:
1. We will be creating and establishing a group energy signature and coherent energy field–adjusting, raising, and balancing the vibrations of the whole–based on your individual energy signatures. This IS the space that we will be working in, this IS the container that holds us during the next 09-weeks. This is a space referred to as our pocket dimension that exists because of us and our willingness to choose and to gather. It is held in a zero-point energy field beyond any paradigm, the realm of the “Big Dragons” (aka, the Dragon Consciousness that exists beyond the threshold of creation). There is no need for protection in this space because there is nothing there but the Dragon Consciousness. Send them love and all is taken care of. Out of all the spaces, we will be in together, online, course modules, Zoom, Facebook etc, this is the most important “space.” You will be working in this energy field whether you are conscious of it or not, do not worry.
2. We will be taking steps together, to prepare a foundation for your energy system (physical, mental, etheric etc.) to receive your Remembrances, release resistances, and to connect more deeply with your Channeling Guides (yourself).

When this course comes to completion, you will have lots of ideas and experiences of how to integrate the unique way that you channel into your daily life and healing practice—whether you’re working on yourself or with clients. You’ll have more practice and confidence to channel Divine Guidance effectively for yourself and others. I am SO GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE HERE!


1. Join the Facebook Group

Lesson Inspiration: The Purpose of Daily Card Draw + Channeling
OCTOBER 2020 – PROMPTS available in the drop down menu under INSPIRATIONS on the left hand side.
Start your Daily Draw’s, feel free to share your cards, experiences, and synchronicities in the Facebook Group.

3. INTRODUCTION VIDEO (Post this in the Facebook Group)
Create a 2-3 min “Selfie Video” Say, “hello!” Introduce yourself, share something about yourself that will allow both Groups to get to know you a little better.

This is NOT Mousterpiece Theatre… just do it… get it done, so we get to see and know your beautiful souls and the faces that go with those souls!

A. Name
B. Where do you live
C. Share your space (or not) share something unique about yourself… do you like long walks on the beach but ONLY with stilts!?
D. Whoooooo are yoooouuuuuu 🐛 etc…
E. Other Brain Storm Examples: (you do NOT need to answer all of these… just choose what you want to share…) are you single, married, live in a treehouse, ride a burro to work, DJ (but only in your dreams because at least there you don’t trainwreck), have kids but want to strangle them, have kids and your Facebook page is FILLED with them, pets, are you the Blue Roses Laura Wingfield of a glass frog collection, are you a dungeon master (of the dragon variety or the other variety), a book hoarder of books on hoarding, on the same day have you ever hunted a rabbit and died of cholera alone on the Oregon Trail!!??? Tell us about it…

4. ALTAR SPACE (Post Images of this on Facebook)
Lesson Inspiration: The Power + Purpose of ALTARS
Create an Altar Space or dedicate an area on your Altar specifically for this class, for receiving your Remebrances, and for amplifying your Channeling Abilities as well as deepening your relationship with Source, Yourself, and your Channeling Guides. Your Altar Space is part of your Energy, as you shift it will also shift and change. Don’t overthink it. It can be a simple foundation that you build upon and grow over the duration of the course. Be intentional. Play. Co-create.

This is not manditory but I HIGHLY recomend having a notebook/journal that is dedicated to this group where you place all of your channeled writing, intentional writing, soul inquiry etc. as well place all of your thoughts ideas and notes from our Cosmic Journey’s/expereinces together etc.