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Channeling Alignment – Channeling Plant Consciousness

Healing with plants

This week we are choosing plants to bring to our session. Why?
People tend to overlook the healing power of food. When we eat whole foods (real food), it comes from plants. If it grows, it’s healing, and it’s a gift from Mother Earth/New Earth. We focused on Master and Sacred plants during Week 5. However, the truth is, all plants are sacred. What we put in our body has the potential to heal or hurt us. Everything we consume is energy. All energy is in-FORM-ation. What kind of information do you want to be consuming (reading, eating, watching, breathing, smelling etc…)? That decision is up to you and only you. YOU are the ONLY person you need permission from.

As far as channeling is concerned, this is an opportunity to connect deeper with what is around you while practicing discernment, remembering your divine unique way of connecting, and gaining confidence in the process. Is it easier for you to connect with the plant in your hand? Is there a difference in the experience between plants and crystals? Is one easier than the other?

The Universe is available for a conversation––a CONSTANT conversation if you LOVE communication like me! So, why not reach out and connect to everything that is around you? communicate with the rosemary sprinkled on your crackers, the beans that make your coffee, the carrots in your soup, the pumpkin in your pie? EVERYTHING will speak with you from the crystals you crunch underneath your boots when you walk in the snow to “Awesome Oh-Possum” eating grapes and apples on your back porch.
One of my favorite things to do is to activate the crystals in the snow! First, I will connect to the land or the area and ask what it needs or wants. Then I activate the snow by setting an intention that amplifies the energy in the area, bringing healing to the land’s request. I use lots and lots of Light Language and shift into an altered state of consciousness. I always ask for Galactic and Inner Earth Beings to help, since I see them as really orchestrating and anchoring in the energy so it lasts. I ask that when it melts, that it seeps into Mother Earth and brings her healing, power, and more love so she can keep on rising and singing her song. I do this with water (rivers, streams, morning dew) and with the ocean, to everything that has crystals. It’s fun! Next time you are with snow, try it!

As another water side note: Whenever I am at the beach/ocean it is one of the times I will line up along the shore with a huge amount of Beings that I know as “The Winged and Horned Ones” and we will open huge portals and start mass crossing spirits over. I often see whole ships moving through, Viking ships, boats, planes, bodies, etc…. I prefer to walk along the sand at night and find a place to do this when the stars are out (but I will do this really at any time). There is and has always been a lot of death at sea. This is something that I have always done. One of those things that seem normal. The water, specifically the ocean, for me is one of the most powerful places on our beloved planet. To me, it has nothing to do with separation but instead, is a watery field of connection. The ocean heals and has always healed me, I am grateful, and I will do my best to thank her for it.

What heals you and how can you work with that energy to share your gratitude and love in a way that aligns with you?

My best nocturnal marsupial dinner date and friend!

the power of choice: Channeling to receive divine guidance

One of the many purposes of this course is to receive Divine Guidance. But, guidance is simply guidance, it’s ONLY information. Information is nothingness unless we attach something to it. It cannot harm us and it cannot help us unless we release resistance and allow. When we discern, integrate, and take Inspirited Action from a place of Sovereignty is where we are able to truly become powerful co-creators in this wonderful Universe.

Come journey with us as we look at the powerful influence that our decisions and our choices create in past and future timelines.