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Channeling Alignment – Co-creating your Opening Prayer, Channeling Your Higher Self, Closing, + Partner Practice.



Bring your Journal *


Channeling Alignment – Channeling Your Higher-Self + Partner Practice

Channeling alignment

We must release the need to know so that we can allow ourselves to truly know. Channeling can be emotional because we have to be the Love Vibration in order to channel. (Technically, this is absolutely not true. You are all capable of channeling any level of vibration.) Opening to Unconditional Love Frequencies and allowing ourselves to open as that love (the love that we already are) IS a form of protection. This is how I am protected. I work with Unconditional Love paired with the Frequency of Truth and this is the type of energy that is facilitating this Galactic Guided Intensive. Because of this, I want to highlight why many people are experiencing resistance.

In order to channel you are being asked to embody Unconditional Love paired with the Frequency of Truth. So, consider this:
Your fear is not of accidentally channeling the Devil, but rather, your fear is actually the terror of allowing yourself to fully experience LOVE and all that YOU truly are. The Devil is merely an illusion–manifested in the form of an excuse––causing resistance that you created in order to avoid claiming your Sovereignty.

Each time we sit to channel, our current vibration is interacting with a higher vibration. We begin the process of entrainment, we are calibrating ourselves to these vibratory states. The purpose of being in a higher frequency is to help us release resentment, fear, and old belief systems. This is what it means to “lighten up” or be enlightened. This is also part of the process of what it means to be a clear channel. Being a clear channel means being conscious of our wounds and of our belief systems. We must be willing to question our belief systems, be aware of our biases, and be willing to neutralize those biases. We must be conscious of the energies we are interacting with and or consuming on a daily basis––food, tv, relationships, books, media, the way we talk to ourselves, etc. Generally, more useful information starts to flow as we become more accustomed to allowing love, compassion, joy, and self-forgiveness to enter our lives.

For me, channeling is a journey of intimacy and the way I experience and express spiritual devotion.


I have been channeling and in constant contact with the Universe my entire life. But, it wasn’t until about 5 years ago one night at 3:00 am when a Galactic Being walked into my house and put his hand on my shoulder. I didn’t move. I sat very still and waited. During this contact experience, I was shown images I had never seen before, (see below) from a body of work called, I Believe in Angels by Russian artist, Dmitry Shorin. And I was directed to these exact words:

Debating the concept of progress and the limits of the human body, I Believe in Angels explores how “Man has long coveted the ability to fly, but the faster and farther we travel, the more we must look to the angels for direction. Though ostensibly capable of high-speed travel, my angels are frozen in a moment of daily routine – a contradiction.” In exploring definitions of beauty and the transcendental power of the feminine, Shorin assigns guardianship to womankind. In today`s age when speed is more important than physical strength, the artist gives an angel her wings in the most modern sense. Shorin looks to mass media images and revises clichéd ideals in mythical terms, placing the woman at the center of our evolution as a species. In the assimilation of the industrial and the corporal, Shorin presents to the world a guardian angel for the information age.

I even somewhat resemble the sculpture, too. The Beings are speaking in my vocabulary, communicating with me in the most aligned sense, and I am having a contact experience. I feel normal and delighted. Because FINALLY after all of these years, I was given permission––it’s go time!–– and allowed to actually officially, channel––in the stereotypical “public” sense. Keep in mind, I had been asking my entire life: When can I? Is it time yet? How about now? Are we there yet? Now? What about now? Are you sure? How about now? I think it’s time. NOW? Literally. I am not even joking. I was more than a little annoying.

Let’s just take a moment to express gratitude for the patience and infinite love that our Soul’s Guidance System has for us. AND acknowledge that true Divine Guidance comes in the exact way that we will understand it and we must trust the Divine Timing and the Divine Order of it.

Shortly after my visitation, I sat with the Beings, to create intentions and a list of goals…A LOT of them…with a lot of questions. Some of them included deepening, healing, purifying, and co-creating an intimate relationship with my body, mind/brain/thoughts, energy bodies, sexuality, and death. I just read these pages tonight, let’s just say, they are really rather intense, and very Galactic Ashley. So, I will share these with you, just not now, because I don’t want anyone to think my approach needs to be your approach or that my approach is even that normal. But, I do think, it is beneficial to expand on what we did the first few days of class and apply channeled or inspirational writing as a method to explore the following:
What are your thoughts, goals, and greater purpose for desiring to cultivate a channeling practice?



As you begin to practice more you will develop a sense of what your NORMAL IS… What it feels like and looks like when you are in a Channeling State/ Altered State of Consciousness, take note of this as it will help you to understand your process. By being aware, you will be able to discern, you will know when something feels different or when your process is changing, as it will shift and change as you expand.

This is JUST an example:
Here is an excerpt of something I copied from a set of MY old notes:

My “Normal” 

My vision sense is dampened, which allows me to focus on the embodiment communication—the point of channeling for me—the process where our energies merge and they are able to share in the one thing that defines the human experience: The Physical & Emotional Body: A Vehicle Gifted to all of us for Communication and Connection to all that is    
I am in a blackness (Dragons—Zero Point), a constantly morphing and shifting field of consciousness that is combined with, emptied of, and simultaneously connected with the Energy of: Source, Me, and Our Singular/Collective Soul Guidance System and the Energy of The Beings that I am connected with. I know this space, I feel home here.   

Self-Observation: experiential process + unfolding

At the close of every Session (or as soon as possible), with the Beings, I would go over the Session and answer these questions.

1. How am I experiencing myself as a channel?
2. How am I understanding my process and methods of channeling?
3. What Beings are working with me, who is here,  how am I being supported (Energy, Protection System, Energy Sustained, etc) ?
4. How am I connecting?
5. How do I allow myself to let go more?
6. What am I resisting… where is this resistance coming from, when and during what process of this channeling session did the resistance present…
7. Food changes – when did I eat, what did I eat, etc Is that working for me?
8. How did I feel during the session?
9. How to be more clear 
10. What areas within me need to be healed and released in order to have more clarity and to be closer and more connected 
11. How do I, currently channel uniquely, differently than others? It is important to focus on expanding differences, that is where the gifts are hidden…. (Do not try and be the same as anyone else.)

Worksheet (Channeling partner)
Self-Observation: experiential process + unfolding

If you work with a Channeling Partner always take time to channel alone and to strengthen your gifts and yourself. You will each bring something unique and important to “togetherness.” Do not become dependent on them. But, you may, of course, depend on them. The experience with and without a partner will be different. Take note of this. If you wish to truly work with a channeling partner, it is important to be completely transparent and open yourself to developing and experiencing a level of intimacy and vulnerability with them that will at times be uncomfortable. But, know that such a level of “togetherness” and the willingness to work at these levels also carries with it a great potential to bring rapid healing and is very supportive to one’s ascension.

At the close of every Session (or as soon as possible), with the Beings, I would go over it and answer these questions.

1. How is channeling different, with and without a Channel Partner?
2. How does my Channel Partner receive Communication and information, and give Healing Energy? How do I experience this through them?
3. How does my Channel Partner currently channel uniquely, differently than others? It is important to focus on expanding differences, that is where the gifts are hidden…. (Do not try and be the same as anyone else.)
4. How do my Channel Partner and I work together?
5. What is our togetherness process?
6. What are our Strengths? Where can we improve?
7. Do I feel connected to them and the Beings, and am I clear on the different energies?