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Bring your Journal * + Opening Prayer/ Power Prose


Channeling Alignment – Discernment Practice, Channeling Your Higher Self OR Beings of your Choice



Bring your Journal *


Channeling Alignment – Channeling Your Higher Self OR Beings of your Choice + Partner Practice

Channeling alignment

This is going to be a week of exploration, loving discernment, and high vibrational fun. I have included the recording from Saturday’s “Hindsight is 2020” event so that you can watch two different styles of channeling and practice tuning into the different energies of the different energies that we each brought through. Maybe some of the energy will also resonate with you.
This was the first time that Susy and I have worked together in this way, we do eventually find the flow shortly after the Guided Experience. There are chapter markers which I hope help you. You can of course listen to this while multitasking.

It can also be beneficial for some of you to watch this so you can see that I MOVE all over the place. The way that I move and the movements that I make are very much in resonance to the Beings that come through me with messages. As I have mentioned before this is also the way that I understand their energy signature which allows me to bring through a channeled transmission. All of you should feel free to move your physical structure in a way that aligns with you. It is NOT necessary that you swerve and shift all over the place, that is not the goal. Meaning, if you move, great. If you are stone still, great. There is no right or wrong way to channel. For me, it is simply my Kinetic style of channeling.

Susy studied theatre for 6 years and has a theatre degree. Why is this important? Often times empaths find themselves pursuing acting. This is VERY common. In a way, theatre becomes a way for them to understand their empathy, the shadow side of this is, of course, losing oneself in the characters without the ability to be oneself off stage. It has the potential to be energetically sloppy. But, this is the beauty of experiencing theatre training or being a type of performer or dancer. Those of you, who have this history may find it quite easy to channel. A healthy sense of self, sovereignty, and boundaries is always helpful. The more that we know and live as our true selves, the stronger our sense of self and identity will be. The stronger our foundation, the more that we are able to let go into a deeper trance channel type of experience. The overlap between embodying a character can be similar to embodying a Being, it is NOT that the Channel is acting but that the channel can embody, disembody, embody, and disembody the Being with relatively more ease, completely, and have all of their energy return. Often, if we are open to taking on the Role of a Being, as if we are going to act as them on stage, we can open a channel for that Being to actually come in. Because of Susy’s background and training, her voice shifts, and in some cases she has an accent. This is not for dramatic effect. This is part of the way (similar to me moving all over the place) that she is wired and is able to identify the energy signature so that she can allow herself to emanate the energy of that being through her body. She offers Reiki Energy Healing during this session, this is what she is doing with her hands. The sounds that she makes is also part of how she brings “shifting” and healing energy through. Susy removes her glasses. For those of you who wear glasses, you may want to experiment with this. This is quite common for channels with spectacles. For some, it is a physical signal for the physical body to prepare and to shift for the Being to come in. For others, it helps them with their channeling process in other ways (ie. everything is blurry to the physical eyes potentially allowing someone to more easily not focus on the 3D). This is not necessary. I wear contacts, I keep them in, although, my vision is not clear when I am channeling. I would probably take my glasses off if I were wearing them, simply because they would feel in the way and I frequently touch my face, head, ears, and around my eyes.

I just want to remind people that what we have done/do (employment, sports, hobbies, etc) or have studied, ALWAYS has gifts and some kind of training in it that support who we are, our divine gifts, and our soul purpose. These gifts and training are layered, as such, they will reveal themselves, often in “aha moments” in Divine Timing and Divine Order. As you begin to expand in consciousness, you will begin to remember more and more and understand your experiences in a way that contains a less emotional attachment (because you have taken the time to heal that and no longer identify as that), experience less bias, and more of a multidimensional perspective of your experiences which will begin to show you the layered purpose and gifts embedded in those experiences. .

Magdaline, Animal Collective, Bridget, Mother Gaia, Gaia Sophia, Dragon Da’at Collective, Yggdrasil Dragon Collective, Horned and Winged Ones, Unicorn Pegasus Star Collective, Dragon Consciousness, The Arcturians


Rather than add more to this week. I am suggesting that you review last week. Take the time to create your intentions, fine tune your Opening Ceremony / Prayer / Power Prose. If you feel ready to channel another Being, take the time to decide which Being or Collective you will INTENTIONALLY channel and work with this week.